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Life presents us all with challenges, opportunities, issues and crises. From an early age we learn how to survive and how to fit into our world. Sometimes our strategies for coping with life just don't seem to be working anymore. Counselling can help in these situations; helping with change, accepting loss, finding alternative ways to live. I offer short and long term support with many of the difficulties and challenges life can bring us.  


I offer short and long term support with many of the difficulties and challenges life can bring us. Before committing to working together you can come and unpack what has brought you to therapy and decide if working with me is right for you. 

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Originally I trained and had a successful career in the hospitality industry. I decided that I wanted to change path and develop my skills in different directions. It was this decision which brought me to a career in counselling. To date my professional qualifications include a BA hons degree (first class) in Transactional Analysis (TA) and a TA 101 certificate. My degree is accredited by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  I am a registered member and I have achieved accreditation.  I have a valid DBS and I am registered with IOC (data protection).

In 2017 I moved to Beverley and bring with me significant experience from my private practice in Hampshire and from voluntary work at St Michael's Hospice in Basingstoke and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Andover.

At the hospice I was a bereavement counsellor, this work has given me invaluable experience in helping the grieving and bereft. I have an in depth working knowledge and understanding of others feelings and experience.  Bereavement can present one with; anger, fear, guilt, hopelessness and disrupt the family dynamic. With the Princess Royal Trust for Carers my work supported unpaid carers, usually family members. There I worked with a wide range of age groups. Some of the presenting issues are; loss, living with dementia or Alzheimer's, self esteem, low self worth, anger, anxiety, depression, fear and sadness.

In my work I adhere to the BACP ethical framework for good practice, further information can be seen and downloaded at I am a recognised provider by major health care companies and EAPs.


     The Anger Workshop

     When Relationships Hurt; Toxic Friends and Troublesome Families 

     Working with Existential Dilemmas

     Counselling clients who have experienced Domestic Violence

     Understanding Attachment

     Introduction to child protection 

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As a counsellor I provide a confidential, safe, non judgemental and supportive space for my clients to explore the issue, problem or life crisis which has brought them to therapy.  There are times in life when we want to talk things through with someone who is not involved, such as family members or friends.  I offer a caring space where you will be heard. I work to see your world as you do.

Through the client and counsellor relationship we work towards achieving your goals at your pace.  We will work contractually towards your agreed achievable goals.  I believe that weekly sessions with a trained practitioner can help us to make meaningful decisions about how we are and facilitate the change to how we want to be.

Our first session will be for 1 hour and 20 minutes (30 minutes free of charge) to give you the opportunity to see if counselling and working with me is for you.


We will work weekly, however you are not bound by a set number of sessions that said endings are important and I ask for a minimum of one week's notice. This will give you and me the time to reflect on anything that needs to be said before we end.

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Abuse, Addiction, AIDs/HIV, Anxiety, Asperger Syndrome
Bereavement, Bullying
Cancer, Child related issues, Cultural issues
Depression, Disability
Eating Habits
Loss, Low self confidence

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Mental health issues
Obsessive compulsive behaviour,
Panic attacks, Phobias, Post traumatic stress (PTSD)
Relationships, Redundancy
Self Esteem, Self harm, Sexuality, Stress,
Work related issues

Fees and Terms

£55.00 individual session last 50 minutes, for appointments between 8am until 6pm.

£80.00 couples session lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Additional 30 minutes at initial session free of charge.

Evening appointments (from 6pm) are available at £60.00 for individuals and £85.00 for couples session. 

Students and single parent's rates are negotiable.

Cancellations received 48 hours before your schedule appointment will not be charged.

Cancellations within 48 hours of your schedule appointment will be charged at full cost.

Payment is by either cash or cheque at the end of the session.   Payments may be made by bank transfer with prior arrangement.

Fees and Terms
Privacy Policy

Your Rights

It is your statutory right according to the General Data Protection Regulations approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016 with enforcement from 25 May 2018 to request:

  • Copies of any record I keep of your identity, personal information and therapy records to be provided at a date negotiated between us.

  • Have your records deleted.

I am also required under this law to disclose to you the records I keep about you, how I store them, what I use them for and how I dispose of them.

Electronic Diary System

I use an electronic diary system on my office PC. This is synced to my mobile phone and iPad to enable me to access my diary where ever I am. All three of these electronic devices are password protected. I identify client appointments using initials and numbers. My diary is not shared. Should an emergency (e.g. I am taken seriously ill) occur my husband has the immediate responsibility of handing over practice information (e.g. client names and contact details) to my colleague who has agreed to act as executer for my Clinical Will. For more information about my Clinical Will see the end of this document.

Client Intake Sheet

This is an intake form, identifiable by a code letters and number only, consisting of a set of questions to ascertain your age, employment, pertinent family history, medical and psychological history, what you want to achieve in therapy, and any agreements we make. It is usually completed by me, in collaboration with you at the end of our initial meeting and if we agree to work together. The form is a paper document which is then transferred to my electronic filing system where it is identified by letters and numbers only. The paper document is then shredded (see paragraph headed “How I dispose of your records”).

Personal Information Record Card

This is an index card recording the name, address and contact details. It is kept in a filing system that is separate from therapy records and under lock and key when I am away from the office or there are others in the house. It is used for contact information purposes only.

Session Records and what I do with them

I have an electronic log system that records your attendance by your unique identifier. I also have a word file only identified by your unique number. In this word file I record a brief outline of your presenting issue and any end of session notes I keep. None of the information on the Personal Information Record Card appears in the log or word file. It should be noted the therapy records I keep are brief, i.e. literally a reminder of the key issue covered in the session. These records are not shared with any other person.

Electronic Accounts system

My practice accounts are set up on an excel spreadsheet which details the date of session, amount paid and payment method with client’s initials.

How I dispose of your records

Records are kept for a period of approximately 3 years from when counselling ends.  When working with children and young people, this will be until they are at a minimum age of 19 years, and for a minimum of 3 years from when counselling ends.  Records are then destroyed by shredding.

I will destroy all electronic records I keep about you should you request me to at the end of our work together.

Disclosure of information to other parties

Contact information for the medical professionals working with you is important to have in case I believe you need medical intervention. I will only contact these people if:

  • If I need to obtain more detailed records of your medical condition.

  • I believe that prescribed medication might need to be adjusted or changed.

  • I believe that you may harm yourself or another.

I will always tell you if I intend to contact your G.P. and/or Psychiatrist.

I retain the right to disclose to statutory authorities if I believe you are intending to engage in any activity that will harm another.

I have supervision on a regular basis. In this medium I will only use a first name to identify the client I am discussing with my supervisor.

I will never disclose any information about you to any other third party unless I am presented with a court order.

Clinical Will

In the circumstance of my being unavailable to continue to work with you due to serious illness, incapacitation or death I have an agreement with a colleague whereby she will be informed of my circumstances by a member of my family, who will send your contact information to my colleague. My colleague will then contact my clients to discuss how they wish to go forward. The same member of my family also holds responsibility for the deletion of all electronic and paper records pertinent to my clients and professional practice in the scenario where I can no longer work.

Privacy Poicy

Contact me today to schedule a session.

St Nicholas Drive
HU17 0QY

01482 863282

07501 588489

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